Saturday, August 4, 2012

Another Company by Adam Valdez: CreditAid Inc.

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This company was started in August 2011. Here are the details:

CreditAid Inc

P.O. Box 982662
Park City, Utah 84098
United States


Here's an ad he placed on a website, advertising his company. Scroll to the bottom to see two complaints from shoppers:

Friday, August 3, 2012

Who is Adam Valdez ?

Well, according to one white page listing, his name is Adam Martel Valdez and his age is about 47. Zabasearch has several addresses for him which should be verified. He is also listed as being associated with a Kelly Jeane Allen, which may be his wife since she is listed at one of the addresses as Kelly Valdez.

He won't be able to hide for long.

Adam Valdez' s Other Companies: High Creek Consulting Inc - 12704 N High Creek Rd Lewiston, UT 84320

High Creek Consulting Inc - UTAH 12704 N High Creek Rd Lewiston, UT 84320 - The Online Chamber O' Commerce

I don't know if this company is still in business but the information may be useful in the future.

Franchise Compliance ~ Response from Criminal Authorities

The response from criminal authorities has been less than helpful. Shoppers have been reporting the antics of Franchise Compliance for at least three years to the Utah Attorney General and nothing has happened.

How the owner of Franchise Compliance has been allowed to rip off shoppers for years and years with no recourse baffles me.

Franchise Compliance Complaints

There are several sites that have received complaints about Franchise Compliance.
  1. The Better Business Bureau - There are 12 closed complaints filed with the BBB in 2011. This may be because the BBB refuses to become involved in business to business transactions (they only handle consumer complaints). The mystery shopper is an independent contractor and not considered a consumer.

    On their site they state:

    The BBB has received numerous complaints from consumers who allege that they did mystery shopping work for this company and were not paid for the shopping they did (most customers had carpet cleaning performed) or the shopping itself.
  2. Rip Off Report - There are 16 complaints from shoppers at Rip Off Report in 2012. There are also complaints for Chem-Dry and Harris Research.
  3. Volition - Volition has a forum for mystery shoppers to share their experiences about the companies they work for. There is a thread about Franchise Compliance that is 17 pages long, dating back to 2003. On the very first page there is mention that they are slow to pay.
  4. Mystery Shop Forum - This is another forum for shoppers with literally 10+ threads on Franchise Compliance alone.
  5. ReviewTalk - This site has two complaints this year. 
I recommend complaining to as many sites as possible. When a shopper does a search for this company, they need to be forewarned. Let me know if there are other sites that we can complain to.

Franchise Compliance Company Information

Franchise Compliance is run by a man named Adam Valdez. The company was initially registered with the Utah Secretary of State in 1998. Since January 11, 2011, the company has failed to re-register. That means there is NO COMPANY and yet they continue to hire shoppers and take money from Chem-Dry !

Here is the information from the Utah SOS site:


Entity Number: 1423507-0142

Company Type: Corporation - Domestic - Profit  
Address: 487 EAST 520 SOUTH SMITHFIELD, UT 84335  
State of Origin: UT  
Registered Agent: ADAM VALDEZ Registered Agent Address:
487 EAST 520 SOUTH

Status: Expired

Status: Expired as of 01/11/2011
  Status Description: Failure to File Renewal  
Employment Verification: Not Registered with Verify Utah


Registration Date: 09/23/1998

Last Renewed: 11/05/2009

Additional Information

NAICS Code: 5416 NAICS Title: 5416-Management, Scientific, and Technic

Former Business Names


This information is important for the following reasons:
  1. Mr. Valdez can be held personally liable for the money that is owed since Franchise Compliance is no longer incorporated.
  2. It shows an address of a property he owns on which a lien can be placed if he fails to pay the shoppers who win a judgement against him.
If you google the address he used, you will find that in March 2012, he posted it for rent on a home rental site called Rentler which means he no longer lives there but still owns the property.

Here is the link and a screenshot to that listing:

Franchise Compliance

This blog was created in an attempt to centralize information on a mystery shopping company named Franchise Compliance. There are numerous complaints that this company is not paying its shoppers that date back for several years. These shoppers shell out hundreds of dollars of their own hard earned money for carpet cleaning and write a lengthy report detailing their experience. They have neither received reimbursement nor the shop fee even after being graded positively on their report.

Franchise Compliance continues to schedule shops and not pay the shoppers. The most notable client is Chem-Dry. If you sign up to do a shop with Chem-Dry, you need to reconsider. Not only is it unlikely that you will be paid by Franchise Compliance, but the company that owns Chem-Dry, Harris Research is fully aware that Franchise Compliance is ripping off its shoppers and yet continues to do business with them. We have heard from employees of Harris Research who will claim they will help a shopper, take their name and number and they never call again.

We are going to shine a bright light on this company and its practices and put an end to it ripping off its shoppers. Anyone who has not received payment from them, please post your experience.